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On this page we have placed some document downloads that our members may find helpful.  If you come accross anything please let us know by sending us an e-mail at

Miami Xtreme
Table of Divisions, Timing Clarification, and Ball Sizes

Pop Warner Age and Ball Sizes


Division Name Ages Certification End of

Weight Season Max, ALL 10 Minutes quarters


MITEY-MITE 7-8-9 45-90 lbs. 99 lbs.**

JUNIOR PEEWEE 8-9-10 60-105 lbs. 114 lbs.**

(older/lighter) 11* 60-85 lbs. 94 lbs.**

PEEWEE 9-10-11 75-120 lbs. 129 lbs.**

(older/lighter) 12* 75-100 lbs. 109 lbs.**

JUNIOR MIDGET 10-11-12 90-145 lbs. 154 lbs.**

(older/lighter) 13* 90-120 lbs. 129 lbs.**

MIDGET 12-13-14 105-170 lbs. 179 lbs.**

(older/lighter) 15* 105-140 lbs. 149 lbs.** 

Mouth guard: All mouth guards must have a keeper strap, and be attached to helmet face mask at all times.



SFFOA Documents:

2016 New Officials Orientation Guide

SFFOA By-Laws - Revised July 2011

SFFOA Scorecard

Referee Crew Card

2015 Mercy Rule Differences (Xtreme v. Pop)

2015 Bandit & Jr. Bandit Rules


2015 Cheat Sheets
Files are in Adobe .pdf Format

2016 Pop Warner Rules Differences

2016 Xtreme Super Peewee Rules

2016 Xtreme Rules Differences

2016 Xtreme Heavy Rules


National Federation of High Schools (NFHS)

Florida High School Athletic Association (FHSAA) - Discussion Board

Aloha Clinic Videos

Below you will find Matt Sumstine's videos from the 2013 Aloha Football Clinic. 

Click on the video tab for each session to be view online. As always thanks to Matt for the great job he does in these valuable training tapes.

Click here to enter the Aloha Clinic Website

Training Documents:

All the files below are in .pdf format


All But One Penalty Enforcement

Bean Bag Use

Calling Fouls

Defensive Pass Interfernce


Nuetral Zone and Passing

Offensive Pass Interference

Passing Game Mechanics

Running Game Mechanics

Should You Throw the Flag?


Miss a game, were late or had a turnback? Don't cry pay your fine.
Click on the the appropriate fine below and remember all fines go to the Ralph Lewis Memorial Blow the Whistle on Cancer Campaign.

$10 Fine, now now don't do it again.

$20 Fine, Naughty Naughty

$55, you've been a bad boy!


Official Equipment Sponsor of the SFFOA
"Quality Equipment Made for Officials by an Official"

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